Introducing 9 week

online course where you

learn to GROUND yourself


with Samo Božič,

a professional body psychotherapist

and ex-physics teacher

I have a framework for you that has helped me and my clients achieve a deeper and more profound connection with ourselves and our bodies.

I teach this framework in this highly practical and educational online course where I will guide you with mastery so that you will learn how to build a conscious connection with your body that will help you feel calm and deeply connected to your true self in ways you never thought possible.

Slay the stress and uncomfortable feelings once and for all and


Let's focus on and cultivate

Inner peace

and authentic




and intimacy

Growth and

activation of

your potential

To feel calm and peaceful again, you need to address your body and its feelings - NO EXCEPTION, NO COMPROMISE!

And I will show you how to do that!

The GROUNDING FUNDAMENTALS course will help you discipline your mind and befriend your body! I will show you how you too can stop running from your body so you can finally feel calm, relaxed and loving again.

This nine-week-long work will challenge and stretch you to regain your mental and emotional strength - which does NOT depend on the number of orgasms, your bank account, or your strain and recovery measurements. It depends primarily on the quality of your conscious connection with your body.


As a body psychotherapist, I observe that people who are grounded rarely feel anxious, empty or dissatisfied. And when they do find themselves in these feelings, they have tools to deal with them.

When people learn and apply basic grounding techniques, they know how to handle stress, anxiety and pressure!

Sound like mission impossible?

It's possible!

When you vent on others or when you are nervous, these are intelligent signals. They are a smart way for your body to communicate with you about your deeper needs - if you know how to listen.

And it's my job to teach you how to do that.

Because when you know how to listen to your body - without exception - you will stop yelling at your kids or yourself, stop criticizing and doubting yourself and you will feel much calmer, self-confident and relaxed. You will feel much better about yourself.


  • know how to deal with your uncomfortable feelings
  • calm yourself down and
  • connect with the deep wisdom you have inside

If you don't know how to master connecting with your body, you are at the mercy of your unpleasant feelings, emotions, and negative and judgmental thoughts. In such cases, you try to manipulate yourself with meaningless sex, strict diets, rigorous exercises and other sports activities, pills and escape into the outside world with its countless distractions.

And you don't want that at all!

Because eventually, you will realize that this only works for a short period of time!

My system demystifies stress, negative thoughts, tensions and unpleasant feelings and emphasizes that GROUNDING is always at the heart of your CALM state. In this brilliant and well-designed course, you learn what I have researched and practically tested with myself and my clients over the past decade.

The body is your ALLY. Learn to listen to it.

My daily job is to help stressed people like you get to know their bodies exceptionally well, so they can develop stress resistance, serenity and loving relationships in the long run!

So, I'm presenting you



It is time to stop running away from yourself

This nine-week online course is designed by an ex-physics teacher and a body psychotherapist. In the course, you learn everything you need to know about grounding - and more. This highly structured program gives you the theoretical background and practical instructions so you can deepen your knowledge through your own practical experience.

The practical exercises take you step-by-step through the weeks and give you a detailed guide into the world of your body sensations, energy and feelings. In this way you can build a solid foundation combining conceptual and theoretical knowledge that's in synch with your feelings and emotions, enriching your own practical experience and setting a strong foundation to become more comfortable with your body and more grounded.

Your BODY is your HOME

With your body, you're a YOU

Think of GROUNDING FUNDAMENTALS as a firm foundation for your home.

No one would start building a home on the roof, right? But that's exactly what many do. People live in their heads, detached from their bodies, and then try countless techniques that act like a "crutch" to get into a calm state of mind!

I want you to know how to face unexpected adversity!

Develop your inner strength and stillness and learn to be grounded exceptionally well!

Grounding is a fundamental tool that helps you create the essential conditions for sustainable mental clarity, emotional regulation and stress relief.

We're talking long-term here, not temporary relief. It's about emotional and spiritual growth that comes with a foundational connection to your body! With my guidance, you will build the basic framework of your body consciousness and self-awareness, which will then continue to grow. We build your house from the bottom up!

In this brilliant, well-designed GROUNDING FUNDAMENTALS course you will learn what I have researched and practically tested with myself and my clients over the past decade

In my private practice, I often hear the question, "What can I do by myself at home to make my therapeutic process as supportive and effective as possible?"

The short answer is: Stand with your knees slightly bent and breathe, then observe your sensations in the body.

I came in contact with standing grounding exercises in my body psychotherapy training. I found it fascinating each time how my perceived sense of self changed after doing these exercises! At that time, I was still training in martial arts and was becoming more curious about standing. I was even more curious about the emotional-energetic applications of standing. There was a time when the standing grounding exercise became my daily routine. And the progress I made in my inner growth was incomparable to any other time in my life!

First, let me tell you what grounding is NOT:

  • Sitting in impossible positions while trying hard to "empty your mind"
  • Performing various martial arts forms
  • Mastering complicated breathing techniques
  • Doing excruciatingly cold water immersions (and smiling while doing it!!)
  • Running barefoot for miles
  • Cross-country running
  • Hugging trees

I've tried all of this and much more... ok, except for the hugging trees part! ;). To be honest, the above activities can bring you closer to the state where you feel grounded, but doing the activities just for their own sake won't be enough. You need a "secret ingredient." After years of experience and experimentation with myself and my clients, I've figured out what almost no one teaches us:

The essential know-how to connect your mind with the body in the long term.

It all boils down to simplicity.

So, don't wait any day longer and

START with your


This highly structured program provides you with a solid theoretical background and very practical guidance so that you can deepen your knowledge of your body through your own foot-on experience!

Being connected to yourself isn't only a mental thing - it's a very physical experience, and no amount of meditation or sports exercise that doesn't involve conscious body awareness will help you do that!


Learn and understand the importance of grounding to your overall well-being!

Master the standing technique as a priceless tool for stress relief and inner growth!

Create your own grounding plan so that nothing can surprise you because you know how to get back on track immediately and efficiently!

GROUNDING FUNDAMENTALS course is a detailed step-by-step guide into the world of your body sensations, energy, and feelings so you can build a solid foundation of conceptual and theoretical knowledge about how to feel balanced in stressful situations!

Because when you are grounded, you are:

  • present in the moment, in reality, and deeply in touch with your feelings
  • not easily influenced by other emotions, expectations, ideas, or agendas
  • in high-quality connection with yourself, with other people, with nature, and with the world as it is

When we are grounded, we develop an exceptional connection to our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self, people and the world around us!

Give yourself and your body a gift of space, time and attention ... and master yourself!

Imagine your body as your child! Imagine yourself becoming an extraordinary guardian of your own body! Don't tell him/her what he/she should be, but see its uniqueness, its incredible potential, and its creative expression. Ask yourself if it is worth deepening a relationship with him/her?

What do you get with the course?



There are three main objectives of the course:

To teach you the basics of grounding.

To help you develop an awareness that allows you to recognize and distinguish between moments when you're grounded and moments when you lose your grounding and your center.

To give you tools to ground yourself when needed and that you master standing as one of the most effective and important grounding exercise.

The course is structured in such a way that certain content is linked to a specific module and you work with the assignments of that module for a week. The curriculum consists of nine modules.

Before we start

• Welcome

• What do you need to successfully complete this course?

• How to approach the course?

• Important warning

• Meet your teacher

Week 1


• The intention of the week 1

• What is grounding?

• Ways of grounding

• Where do we direct our Energy?

• Energetic entrances and exits

• Exercise of the week 1

Week 2


• What did we learn last week?

• The intention of the week 2

Belly breathing

• Charge and discharge principle

• Backward arch discharge exercise

• Different ways of charging the body - part one

• Exercise of the week 2

Week 3


• What did we learn last week?

• The intention of the week 3

• Flooding, containment and window of tolerance

• Few rules to follow while doing the exercises

• Different ways of charging the body - part two

• Forward bend discharge exercise

• Vibration and pulsation

• Exercise of the week 3

Week 4


• What did we learn last week?

• The intention of the week 4

• Legs up discharge exercise

• Exercise of the week 4

• How to lie on the ground?

• What can happen?

Week 5


• What did we learn last week?

• The intention of the week 5

• 5D Grounding - It is all about connection

• The intention

• Visualization and prayer

• Exercise of the week 5

• Why working with muscle tension can lead us to trauma?

Week 6


• What did we learn last week?

• The intention of the week 6

• What about the arms and hands?

• Exercise of the week 6

Week 7


• What did we learn last week?

• The intention of the week 7

• Your purpose

• Creativity and self-expression

• Exercise of the week 7

Week 8


• What did we learn last week?

• The intention of the week 8

• Earthing - the art of touching the earth

• Different ways of earthing

• Exercise of the week 8

Week 9


• What did we learn last week?

• The intention of the week 9

• Gratitude

• Plan your practice

• Your personal grounding weekly program

• Exercise of the week 9

• Final thoughts

• Integration

+ BONUS 1:

You also get additional module 10 BREATHING EXERCISES FOR CALMING THE BODY

+ BONUS 2:

You also get the ONLINE TRACKING FORM, where you can track your progress and have all your data in one place.

What happens when you enroll?

You will receive a welcome email and an email asking you to create an account on the platform where the course is hosted. Then you log in and start the course.

Each week, throughout the whole nine weeks, you will:

  • connect with your inner reality on a daily basis
  • learn how to train your observing and non-judgmental self
  • practice standing as a special and very important grounding exercise
  • receive an intention each week with which you will contemplate and reflect on the specific topic throughout the week
  • learn what tools you need and what you can do if you want to become more grounded
  • gradually build and expand your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual container

In this course you will also:

  • learn the energetic fundamentals of grounding
  • learn about the five levels of our existence and where we direct our energy
  • learn how to shift your attention from the center of consciousness to the center of unconsciousness
  • learn how to direct your energy down toward the earth in different ways
  • learn about the different dimensions of grounding
  • learn how to gradually work with tensions in your body
  • learn how to gradually work with your unpleasant feelings on your own and what rules to follow in order not to slip back into a possible trauma from the past
  • learn about the role of intention in grounding
  • learn about the role of visualization in grounding
  • learn how to gradually work with your impulses in the body
  • connect with your authentic and creative self
  • learn how to connect impulses with your soul's purpose
  • work with different levels of resistance

By the end of this program you will:

educate yourself about the multidimensional meaning of grounding and realize that grounding isn't just "standing barefoot on the ground", but has many other aspects and dimensions

regain confidence in yourself and in your ability to find and hold your inner center and have an inner reference point to return to yourself in the midst of ever-changing circumstances and stressful events

practically master standing as a straightforward grounding tool and a very important grounding exercise

design your own personal weekly grounding program in a way that best suits your needs and gain all the knowledge to change your personal grounding program if you find that it no longer meets your needs

experience healing that regular grounding naturally brings into your daily life

Raving reviews

This is a part where I need to disappoint you! I'm a psychotherapist and when I work with my clients, I follow the ethical standard of protecting my clients' privacy. I also protect my clients' processes and cannot use their work for testimonials. Keeping my agreements with my clients energetically intact is my top priority and I'm not willing to ask them for reviews just for the sake of marketing.

Right now I'm only working as a psychotherapist. I'm also thinking about giving workshops on grounding in the future. So, when I get some reviews from people I'm not bound by privacy agreements with, I will be happy to put them on a website.

Thank you for understanding.

But what I can do with zero problems is to give you my story with grounding. So, here it is.

My story with standing

I came in contact with standing grounding exercises in my Core Energetics body psychotherapy training. I found it very interesting how my feeling changed after we did these exercises. I was also very frustrated with myself at that time because I was able to stand in that position for a very short time. I still remember this strong pain in my right calf muscles, sometimes accompanied by a cramp, which prevented me from going deeper into the standing exercises.

Then I came across the book about chi and the power of internal martial art. In this book, I read how this martial art master was dedicated to practicing standing, and how he'd occasionally stand for up to six hours continuously, how he'd stand at night in a small cemetery where he found a quiet place to practice. This frustrated me even more.

At that time, I was still practicing my martial arts and was becoming more and more curious about standing. But I was even more curious about the emotional and later the energetic applications of the exercise. There was a period of time when the standing grounding exercise became almost my daily routine. I especially loved our annual family vacations at sea on the remote island, where I could stand even longer in the shade of the pines and explore my inner universe, surrounded by the sounds of sea waves and cicadas and immersed in the warm atmosphere of sun-warmed air.

At that time, I also had my regular weekly individual psychotherapy sessions and five-day intensive body psychotherapy training modules every two months. When needed, I also used Dynamic Energetic Healing, which I saw at the time as a more spiritual component to my explorations.

But what I regularly did on my own at home was standing.

Looking back now, I know that I made all the mistakes while standing because I was doing it on my own and I didn't have proper guidance. Besides, I thought, what could go wrong with standing, you're just standing, right? Out of all these mistakes, the rules and guidelines explained in more detail in the course were born. These rules and guidelines:

  • can save you a lot of time and time is important because you need a lot of it to explore yourself
  • protect you from unpleasant events, especially if you don't have the opportunity to process otherwise your emotional and other energetic things that may come up during the exercises
  • provide an optimal and safe environment for the body so it can do precisely what it needs to do, even if the standing grounding exercise is the only thing you decide to do

Over the years, I've developed an entire treatment system that I use when working with my clients, and in all of its complexity, grounding plays a central role. And standing is an essential grounding skill that anyone can use to help themselves in the process.

Do you have questions?

Here are some answers!

What are the expected results, based on the experience of the people who have done this work?

Over the years, I've seen many changes in my clients who were willing to invest their energy and time in grounding practices. These changes range from physical to emotional and to various lifestyle changes. The process is individual and depends on where your starting point is.

Experience shows: when people are willing to work on it regularly, after two months, the quality of how they are present with themselves and others changes qualitatively. They are also more in touch with their pleasant or unpleasant feelings while having a few more tools to deal with unpleasant feelings. As they, you, too, will be more centered and balanced. You'll have a better connection to yourself, other people, and the world as it is.

Will I have access to the material for life?

The course is designed to last nine weeks, which is a little over two months. But everyone has their own pace and it's recommended that you take it slow and give yourself more time. You will have access to the course for 18 months. Usually, a child starts walking within a period of 18 months. So that's more than enough time to acquire all the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge about grounding.

When does this course start?

Registration is open, and you can start the course as soon as you register. This is a self-paced course and you are the boss and decide when to start!

Is there a refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of the course, we don't offer refunds. When you purchase this course, you get instant access to the entire course. All sales are final. Make sure you're informed before making a purchase. If you have any questions about enrollment, contact us at, we're here for you!

Is this course the only thing I need to learn to self-regulate?

Grounding Fundamentals can be a great starting point for your wellness. With this online course, you will lay the foundation for your inner explorations, and then you can take them to the next level with several other programs. Grounding Fundamentals is an introductory course that teaches you the basic things about grounding and gives you practical instructions and exercises.

What about trauma? Is this course appropriate for me if I have PTSD?

The focus of the course is on exercises that you can do yourself. You'll also learn why working with muscle tension can lead us to re-experience past trauma and why we can't heal trauma completely alone. Grounding is a helpful tool if you suffer from PTSD, but you need to be careful because there are usually all kinds of triggers that can trigger an extensive emotional response. Also, the intensity of the emotional reaction can vary from person to person. I recommend you consult a mental health professional before you start the course. If you decide to take the course, you should do it as a supplement to other therapies where you work individually with a therapist or in a group. And if you do the exercises alone, you must be especially careful and follow the rules explained in the course without exception.

I have a chronic heart condition, is this course suitable for me?

In this course you will learn that grounding is all about connection, and emotionally, the connection is the domain of the heart. If you have a severe heart condition or have doubts about your heart condition, you should consult your doctor before beginning the course. Half of the course is doable heart-wise, but you need to be extra careful during the charging and discharging exercises.

I'm taking different psychiatric drugs. Is this course appropriate for me?

Medications are likely to distort your internal perception to some degree and you probably need to go to work with a lot more patience. You will need to take the course content and exercises very slowly and I recommend that you consult your mental health professional before beginning the course.

I'm pregnant. Is this course suitable for me?

Pregnancy isn't a disease. Grounding helps you connect with yourself and your growing baby. If you are in doubt about your condition, consult a gynecologist. I advise you to skip the not-so-subtle charging and discharging exercises and start them only after your baby is born.

I have problems with my knees. Is this course suitable for me?

Well, there are many different exercises and you can ground yourself in many different ways, but this course focuses on standing exercises. The only physical requirement for the course is that you are able to stand on your feet with your knees slightly bent, and it would be good if you could bend forward. If you're physically disabled and cannot stand on your feet, you can still benefit from this class by learning the basics of grounding. There are also other exercises in the course that don't require you to stand. After you learn the basics, you can find your own ways and adapt the exercises to your needs and abilities.

Who is this program NOT for?

It's not my intention to limit your personal decision to take the Grounding Fundamentals course. However, this course isn't appropriate for individuals with any of the following conditions: diagnosed severe and persistent psychiatric disorders, suicidal ideation, suicide attempts, substance abuse, or substance dependence. If you're unsure if this course is appropriate for you, I recommend that you consult with a physician or mental health professional before beginning the course.

Do you have any other questions?

Don't hesitate to contact me. I want to make sure all your questions are answered so you can make the right decision for you. Email me at

Your teacher

My name is Samo Božič and I'm a certified body psychotherapist in private practice in Slovenia. I graduated on the Netherlands Institute for Core Energetics (NICE) and I'm a full member of the European Association for Body Psychotherapy (EABP). You can read more about me here.

Don't delay a day longer!


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