Hi, I'm Samo

I'm deeply invested in developing therapy work in individual and group settings, connecting issues of manhood, fatherhood, sports, nature, grounding and grounded spirituality.

I'm a body psychotherapist, a graduate of the Netherlands Institute of Core Energetics (NICE) and a full member of the European Association for Body Psychotherapy (EABP). I work in my private psychotherapy practice in Nova Gorica, Slovenia.

My primary working framework is an energy-oriented body psychotherapy approach in which we encourage the exploration of essential bodily experiences to enhance self-awareness, bring healing, and significantly increase your potential to meet life's challenges and enjoy life. Body, mind and spirit are inextricably intertwined. The body is the foundation of our existence, and we're spiritual beings rooted in our 3D bodies. Therefore, I use various energetical techniques in my work to achieve the inner realignment of a person again.

I also use a wide range of my other formal and informal knowledge.

I've completed training as a massage therapist (National Vocational Qualification, 2015). I've always been attracted to the Eastern approach to understanding people and the universe. Hence I've also finished a one-year TuiNa therapy course - Chinese medical massage based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine.

I'm also a Dynamic Energetic Healing (DEH)® Certified Practitioner.

In addition to my formal knowledge, I also use all the other experiences I've gained in the different stages of life where I've lived with varying attitudes toward my body. From the time when I was obese and highly neglectful of my body, to the times when I decided to "get in shape", to the last years when I try to keep my body balanced and give myself everything I needed.

I also enjoy moving, being active in nature, and playing all kinds of different sports. My wife says that I'm a sports freak. When I was nine years old, I broke my collarbone while skating downhill and the only thing I remember from that event is my younger brother yelling, "I knew you were going to kill yourself!" :) My current passion is apnea training and freediving. I used to be a paraglider, have been involved in long-distance running for some time, practiced various martial arts and I have a black belt in Shotokan Karate from the Japan Karate Association.

I have more than fifteen years of experience in the field of education. Before I devoted myself entirely to body psychotherapy, I worked at the Institute of Education of the Republic of Slovenia. I was an adviser for physics and worked mainly with teachers. I was particularly interested in the meaningful use of technology in teaching, learning, and in everyday life and its negative aspects.

Working in education gave me a broad view of how we can develop our potential. And before that, right after graduating from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics in Ljubljana, I worked as a physics teacher at a high school. I enjoyed working with young people. The more difficult they were, the more challenging my work was.

All this formal and informal knowledge that I have accumulated over the years has given me a broad overview of how we can develop our potential and has been a great help in creating my online courses.

The scientific way of thinking, my physics background and my knowledge of the laws of energy and the theoretical and practical knowledge that I acquired during my body psychotherapy training are the essential pillars of my teaching in my grounding courses. That is especially important when we start tracking our energy in the body, which is of great importance when we talk about grounding and especially when we want to feel grounded.

There's no better reconciliation with the soul than when you share your experiences.

I'm also a devoted husband, married to Tina, who is also a psychotherapist, and we have worked together in our private practice for many years. I'm the proud father of two inspired teenage girls who enrich my life and fill my heart. My relationships are an essential part of my life. There is no college to master this area of life, only experience counts here. However, there are laws for respectful and loving family relationships.

I'm the owner and founder of the Grounding Fundamentals platform and the author of the Grounding Fundamentals online course, which is my most detailed online course about grounding.

"Without your body, you're a nobody"

~ John Pierrakos

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